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Welcome - A Full Rundown of All Things AOS!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Welcome to American Origin Stories (AOS for short), and I'm your host Cha! My aim in creating this community is to carve out a space to share important stories about Black people. Through both oral (podcast) and written (blog) storytelling, I want to highlight the history of Black Americans on an individual and group level.

For more about what inspired me to create AOS, check out the post (No) Queen of Africa.

AOS Podcast

The podcast focuses on our journey of discovering lost ancestry, identity, and connection.

Why is it difficult for Black Americans, who have been in the United States for generations, to trace their ancestry?

The short answer: slavery. The peculiar institution turned people into property for the profit of individuals and the nation. What followed, were years of terror and intimidation that led people to change their identities, flee their homes, or even disappear. As a result of generations of race-based oppression, people with African ancestry must find creative means to trace their lineage to and through slavery. But, with modern technology, crowd-sourcing, and a better historical understanding, there are ways for Black Americans to substantially build their family trees. Join us, on American Origin Stories, as we explore the process of tracing Black American ancestry and archiving neglected or untold history.

Available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play, and more!

AOS Blog

The AOS Blog will be your prime source for features on race, identity, and history. Cha and other contributors will discuss all of this and more in the personal testimonies, research articles, and in-depth reviews of people, places, and Black American things. Tune in each week to get the latest!

AOS Social

On the AOS social - @AOStories for twitter and @Americanoriginstories for instagram - we will engage with the community, provide highlights of past and present Black American history and inform the public of new episodes, blogs, and live events!

AOS Community

JOIN THE TRIBE! Subscribe to the mailing list and get the latest on all things AOS! Each week, we will make sure you are up to date on the latest guests featured on the show, the hot topics covered, resources to use when looking into your own ancestry, and MORE!!

No matter the medium, follow the stories of others and consider sharing your own. Subscribe, comment, and spread the word. Let's get started!

More about me:

My full name is, Chauneice Davis Yeagley. And I love consuming and producing fiction work. My ultimate goal is to publish a book series of American origin stories focused on women with great ancestral powers. But for now, I’ll tell our real stories of magic and perseverance. I hail from Colorado Springs, CO but currently reside in Manhattan, NY.

I earned my JD at Duke University School of Law; and my BA (Psychology) at Spelman College, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa. LinkedIn.

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